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Tap the powerful potential of video content.

Learn how video marketing can help your organisation.

What is Video-6-days?

Creating a social media video, instructional video, corporate video, marketing and branding video, or a promotional video for products and services? Imagine learning video production and producing a video in 6 days.


Whether for a social cause, taking your passion to the next level, or embarking on your digital entrepreneurship, the Video-6-days programme lets you learn video marketing with a comprehensive, practical and hands-on curriculum.


This programme incorporates a WSQ accredited Video Planning and Production modules, covering filming project, concept and content planning, filming techniques in various situations with different devices, and practical post-production editing to enhance the finishing of the video.

Why Video-6-days?

Kill two birds with one stone. At the end of the course, you will get a practical video that you can use immediately on your website or social media channel. Which means there is no need for a separate budget or a new production to get your first marketing video.


Learn to make videos for different marketing objectives and social media platforms, whether it is landscape format for YouTube or vertical format for Instagram and TikTok, and which video format to choose for which type of purpose on Facebook.


Cater to your varied needs. If you need to know more about influencer marketing, live streaming or social media, Video-6-days offers the flexibility for you to learn according to your marketing / communication needs. Feel free to consult our ACTA certified instructors.


In short, Video-6-days helps you to make your budget work harder while getting practical, added value from your training right away – translating to more marketing at less costs.

Why Video Marketing?

Video penetrates the audience, from Individuals to organisations, from youth to seniors.

1.5 billion


out of 4.5 bn global internet users live in East/Southeast Asia


of internet users aged 16-64 watch online videos each month

3h 05min

per day

spent watching online videos by internet users in ASEAN-5

2X more


People are twice as likely to share videos than other contents


of video marketers say videos have helped in generating leads


of internet users made purchase decision by watching brand’s video

Sources: Digital 2020 (WeAreSocial/Hootsuite)

Who Benefits from this Programme?


Joel is a youth life coach and badminton coach who joined the Video-6-days programme.

Is your business or revenue affected because of COVID-19?

You will benefit from going online to connect with your audience.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work today.

Many SMEs, home businesses, retailers and F&B businesses are badly affected because they are not visible online.

If you have knowledge, skills or creative talent that you want to share with a bigger audience.

If you have products or services that you want to market to clients beyond your immediate neighbourhood.

If you have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social media account that you don’t know what to do with.

Unlock your situation. Make use of your Work From Home or Stay At Home time to learn how to harness the power of videos to reach out to thousands of audience online for more revenue opportunities.

Learning Outcome

1. Acquire practical skills in marketing video production, i.e., pre-production planning, filming and production, and post-production.


2. Understand the basic principles of video content and production, and their relevance with marketing.


3. Able to plan and produce video content according to your marketing / communication objectives and attract viewership.


4. Understand which filming technique to choose for different purposes and social media platforms.


5. Acquire practical post-production skills to edit and apply a finish to your video.


6. Able to plan, implement and manage video campaigns, live streaming and audience engagement.

TASTE OF HOME by Morningstar Xinwave

A biographical video created by Asher Chang who attended the Video-6-days programme with 3 colleagues from Morningstar Xinwave.


We provide video-6-days programme that empowers corporate teams to complete their video series production in 6 days with Govt training grants.

Our clients’ productions and testimonials


Music Conservatory is a music school that sent 6 staff who finished the Video-6-days programme with 6 social media videos.


A videographer from Rezt & Relax created a new video during the Video-6-days programme with camera and video editing support from Zing Media.


Royal Wings’s management staff created a new video during the Video-6-days programme with camera and video editing support from Zing Media.


Asher Chang from Morningstar Xinwave attended the Video-6-days programme with 3 colleagues. Find out about his experience and takeaways.


Course Outline

Module 1:   Plan Your First Video

  • Identify the Objective and Topic
  • How to Craft a Relevant Story
  • Who? Where? When?
  • Prepare Your Tools and Equipment

Module 2:   Film Your First Video

  • Prepare the Venue and Setting
  • Set up the Equipment
  • Lighting and Sound Matter too
  • Vertical Format or Horizontal Format

Module 3:   Edit Your First Video

  • Filing Your Footage
  • Stringing the Story Together
  • Supers, Subtitles, Simple Animations
  • Resolution, Colours, Balance and Audio

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 90% WSQ support and 10% SkillsFuture credits applicable for eligible self-sponsored Singaporeans 40 years old or above, or company-sponsored Singapore Citizens and PRs.

SkillsFuture credits applicable for self-sponsored Singaporeans 25 years old or above.

Kindly contact us for details.