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Learn to be an influencer.

Or learn how influencer marketing can help your organisation.

What is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that has taken social media by storm in recent years. It involves endorsements or mentions of organisations, brands, products, services or even values and philosophies from influencers to a targeted audience.


Influencer marketing can be traced back to celebrity endorsement. However, as information became more readily available, celebrity advertising started to lose its persuasive influence and its marketing appeal to personalities with substantial following, especially online opinion leaders, such as bloggers, vloggers and other content creators on social media.

Who are Influencers?


Influencers can be anyone that wields influence among a large group of followers. They hold a reputation as the subject matter expert – the go-to guys – of their field. They can be journalists, academics, industry insiders, community leaders, serious amateur fans in a subject matter, or beauty consultants, fashion designers, musicians and artistes.


Earlier influencer content created were mostly blogs but today they can range from pictures, videos to live streamed shows or webinars. Besides Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, more influencers are also using new platforms such as Twitch or TikTok.

Why influencer marketing?

Consumers today trust social opinion more than advertisements. Thus, influencer marketing is proving more worthwhile as traditional advertising becomes less effective. More marketers are using influencers to increase awareness, strengthen brand preference, promote online engagement and increase conversions. Searches on Google for “influencer marketing” increased 1,000% since 2016. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, influencer marketing’s importance is set to only grow.

US$2bn → US$15bn

2017 – 2022

Estimated value of industry anticipated to expand in 5 years

8X more


achieved compared to other forms of paid advertising in 2019


of marketers believe

influencer marketing is effective; 66% will invest more in 2020


of consumers trust

friends, family and influencers’ views on purchasing decision

>1 billion

active TikTok users

in 2019, with 33M downloads on iPhone in Q1 alone


engagement rate

for TikTok profiles with <10K followers vs 3.7% for Instagram profiles






Who Benefits from this Programme?

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Is your business or revenue affected because of COVID-19?

You will benefit from going online to connect with your audience.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work today.

You have talent in music, performance or art but are unable to showcase them.

You have knowledge, skills or expertise but are unable to share them.

You have products or services that you are unable to demonstrate to your clients.

You have 2-3 hours free time everyday but do not know how to use it to earn extra income.

Unlock your situation from social distancing and “stay-at-home”, learn how to harness the power of social influencing to reach out to thousands of fans online and earn revenue.

Learning Outcome

1.  Understand the influencer marketing industry and its relationship with marketing and advertising.

2.  Understand the role of influencer marketing in sales, e-commerce and revenue earning models.

3.  Understand the principles of social media and follower/community management.

4.  Able to plan, produce and implement written and visual content to attract following and engagement.

5.  Able to plan, implement and manage campaigns, live streaming and audience engagement.

6.  Improve content development, performing, interactive and earning skills.

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Course Outline

We provide English and Chinese programmes to cater to English-speaking and Chinese-speaking audiences respectively.

The Chinese programme is useful for parties who have plans to venture into the 1.4 billion-strong China market.

The English programme is useful for reaching out to the English-speaking audience anywhere outside China.

Key Opinion Leader in China Market

(Conducted in Chinese)

Influencer Marketing for Asia

(Conducted in English)

Key Opinion Leader in China Market

(Conducted in Chinese)

Course Outline

Module 1:   Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

  • Foundation Theory and Market Overview
  • Direction Change in a New Age
  • Fundamentals of Live Streaming
  • Fundamentals of Micro-video

Module 2:   Mastering Social Media

  • Traffic, Social Media and the Marketing
  • Advanced Live Streaming Theory
  • Advanced Micro-video Theory
  • Moeotisation Theory

Module 3:   Advanced Influencer Skills

  • Trendspotting and Creative Planning
  • Content Development and Copywriting
  • Logic and Aesthetics
  • Photography and Video Post-Production

Module 4:   Marketing and Management

  • Traffic and Content
  • User and Data
  • KOL and Product Promotion
  • Organisation and Branding

Contact us for course registration and further information

Special package price available for Singapore Citizens ≥ 25 years old – Kindly contact us for details.